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Better believe it.

Experience the Performance of the Magic Milk's Unrivalled Seal
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Tyre Sealant's best kept secret.

Forged in the chaos of the biking world, there exists a quiet force. A whisper amidst the shouting. Meet Magic Milk, the underdog that defies the odds. Busy creating the sealants we know true riders need.

Sealant for every trailblazer

Unleash the power of Magic Milk

  • The world's strongest ever tyre sealant
  • For low- & high-pressure tires
  • Never balling up

No two riders are alike, which is why at Magic Milk we offer a range of products tailored to suit your every style and preference. Tubeless or not. Bikes and beyond. We‘ve got you covered.

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Behind the Curtain

The masters of wheel resilience

Discover the minds behind Magic Milk‘s innovation

Our team of tireless developers are the true guardians of your ride, concocting formulas that push the boundaries in our continuing quest to keep you moving forward.

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The alchemy of excellence

Discover the magic of the OKO formula

At the heart of Magic Milk lies the OKO formula. A blend of expertise, innovation and a touch of the unexpected. Our formula draws inspiration from our vast experience in the farming, mining and trucking industries, reimagined for the thrill-seeking world of biking. Everything is manufactured in the UK.

Champions of the Unseen

Become a Magic Milk Sponsored Rider

If you're in the world of competitive biking, you'll know champions aren't made in the spotlight. They're made in the cold light of hard winter mornings. If that's you, join our growing number of sponsored riders and teams who choose Magic Milk as their secret weapon.

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